Linux Plumbers Conference

Security Microconference (Draft, Subject to Change)

Security Session A

  1. Opening remarks (5 minutes)
  2. Status of SELinux in Ubuntu, Caleb Case. Talk, demo, and discussion (30 minutes).
  3. Introducing the SELinux Sandbox, Daniel Walsh. Talk, demo, and discussion (30 minutes).
  4. Linux Kernel Crypto API, Herbert Xu. Talk and discussion (30 minutes).
  5. Using IMA for Integrity Measurement and Attestation, David Safford. Talk, discussion, and demo (30 minutes).
  6. Lightning talks (three at five minutes apiece, 15 minutes total).
    1. New SELinux Policy Infrastructure, James Carter.

Security Session B

  1. Smack and the Application Ecosystem, Casey Schaufler. Talk, discussion, and contribution paths (30 minutes).
  2. SELinux policy within package managers, why policy is special, Joshua Brindle. Talk and discussion (30 minutes).
  3. XACE Demonstration and Discussion, Eamon Walsh. Talk, demonstration, and discussion (30 minutes).
  4. Making SELinux Easier to Use, Bryan Jacobson. Talk and discussion (30 minutes).
  5. Panel / Open Discussion (20 minutes)