Linux Plumbers Conference

General Track (Draft, Subject to Change)

  1. Re-plugging the Modern Desktop, Kay Sievers and David Zeuthen.
  2. Unified Error Reporting -- A Worthy Goal?, Andi Kleen.
  3. Merging KGDB, KDB and Kernel Mode Setting, Jason Wessel and Jesse Barnes.
  4. Scaling the VFS, Nick Piggin.
  5. video4linux Stream Sharing with a Server Daemon, Hans de Goede, Brandon Philips.
  6. Out of Memory - Helping Applications Survive the Axe or Report the Aftermath, Dave Hansen and Balbir Singh.
  7. Per Backing Device Dirty Data Writeback, Jens Axboe.
  8. Userspace RCU Library : What Linear Multiprocessor Scalability Means for Your Application, Mathieu Desnoyers.
  9. PORTAL Case Study, Mark Wong and Kristin Tufte.
  10. Scalable Concurrent Hash Tables via Relativistic Programming, Josh Triplett.
  11. Managing KVM guests with the Common Information Model (CIM), Kaitlin Rupert.
  12. oFono - Open Source Telephony, Marcel Holtmann.
  13. Challenges with Userspace USB Embedded Device Interfacing, Dave Camarillo and K Wilson.
  14. Nesting the Virtualized World, Alexander Graf and Joerg Roedel.
  15. libv4l2 Recent Changes and Future, Hans de Goede.