Gnome-Linuxconf Interface

Gnome-Linuxconf makes it easy to navigate the hierarchical structure of Linuxconf.

Figure 14-1. Linuxconf Menu View

If you don't see the tree menu interface shown above, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Control => Control files and systems => Configure Linuxconf modules.

  2. Select the treemenu checkbox.

  3. Click Accept.

  4. Click Quit.

  5. Restart Linuxconf.

When you use the tree menu view, finding the appropriate panel should be simple and fast. Collapse and expand sections by clicking on the + or - next to the menu item.

Selected entries will appear as tabs in panel on the right side and will remain there until closed. If you end up with more tabs open than you like, just select Cancel on the bottom of each tab to close it without making any changes, or Accept to implement the changes you have made.