Roadmap of

Our FTP server,, serves as a main FTP server for Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, as well as the main FTP server for the whole university (alias The FTP server has another alias,, and it is one of the biggest repositories of the Linux software in the Czech Republic. The server runs another virtual FTP server,, which is the main repository of the TeX software in the Czech Republic and the home site of PdfTeX.

Parts of the server's disk space are sponsored by the Czech Linux Users' Group, and by the Czech TeX Users' Group.

Some statistics of this server are available online.

The FTP server has the following sections:

Local stuff

Incoming directory. Be sure to read the README.uploads file before uploading anything.

Thesis archive
The archive of Faculty students' master thesis.

Localization stuff
Various internationalization and localization stuff
FTP directory, mounted from

Technical reports
Faculty of Informatics technical reports archive.

Supercomputing centre
The directory with various files related to Brno supercomputing centre.

Local users
Directories with public files of local users.

Linux stuff

Alan Cox
Alan Cox's personal directory. Mirrored daily from

The Czech localization and internationalization tutorial for Linux-based systems. Mirrored daily from

Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Mirrored daily from

Debian CZSK
Czech and Slovak add-ons to the Debian distribution. Mirrored daily from

Debian (non-US)
Non-US (cryptography and other) site for Debian. Mirrored daily from

FreshMeat Debs Debian packages. Mirrored daily from

FreshMeat RPMs RedHat packages. Mirrored daily from

Linux kernel sources. Mirrored twice a day from

Local Linux-related stuff.

Linux-related localization and internationalization.

Metalab mirror
The biggest Linux archive. Mirrored daily from

David Hinds' PCMCIA drivers for Linux. Mirrored daily from

Red Hat Linux distribution. Mirrored daily from

RedHat Contrib|Net
High-quality and maintained packages for RedHat Linux. See for details. Mirrored daily from

RedHat RawHide
Development version of the RedHat Linux distribution. Mirrored daily from

RedHat Contrib
User-contributed packages for Red Hat Linux. Mirrored daily from

RedHat Crypto
Cryptographical and other non-US software for RedHat Linux. Mirrored daily from

RedHat Package Manager. Mirrored daily from

SGI Linux
Linux for SGI and other MIPS-based computers. Mirrored daily from

Slackware Linux distribution. Mirrored daily from

TeX stuff

Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. See for details. Mirrored daily from

Local TeX-related stuff and CSTUG archive.

Czech and Slovak TeX localization. Mirrored daily from

Other UNIX stuff

GNU is Not UNIX - free software archive mostly for UNIX systems. Mirrored daily from

GNU Alpha
Alpha (development) versions of the GNU software. Mirrored daily from

MySQL database server Mirrored daily from

CPAN (Perl)
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Mirrored daily from

PostgreSQL database server Mirrored daily from

Secure Shell
Secure Shell - software for remote loging and file transfers with strong encryption and authentication. Mirrored daily from

SSH - Local
Local SSH archive - binaries for various platforms

Non-UNIX stuff

Atari archives
Archives with software and data for Atari computers

Bibliographical data archive. Mirrored daily from

Internet Drafts
Internet Drafts archive Mirrored daily from

Antivirus software from McAfee. Mirrored daily from

Internet Request for Comments archive. Mirrored daily from